Book cover design

In function of one of my classes i have to write a paper about a subject that interests me, but it had to have a link to architecture of design. The choice was difficult, would i go for vintage design or antiques, the geisha or something with books. My greatest passion that has anything remotely connected to design is books so i went with that. I have to do a small research about that subject, so now i would like to ask all you writers out there or writer to be to share me some of your thoughts.

mysterybookI’m researching the what,when,why and the how of book cover design so i would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out here just by answering some qtions πŸ™‚ If you answer the qtions (which i hope you will) please mention wether your are a writer/writer to be/reader

Do you like the idea of book covers ?
Did you design the book covers for the books you wrote ?
Did you have an image of what the book cover should be like before you wrote the story ?
If you didn’t design them yourself, who did it for you ? was there a collaboration or was it designed without your input ?
How important do you think book covers are in means of promoting/selling the book ?
Would a book cover influence you to read or not read a specific book ?
Is there a special book cover that stands out of all the books you ever read ?

Thanks in advance for helping me out you guys ! πŸ™‚


thoughts or comments ?

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