Early b-day gift & blog change

Since my finals are now over (finally !) I have more time for my blog and cooking, reading and whatnot.
Overviewing all the posts I have made since I started this blog, I noticed that it’s not all about cooking anymore. Which might be a good, at least that’s what I think, you’re free to give your own opinion on this. So let’s say this blog is about all my interests and whatever is going on in that head of mine ๐Ÿ™‚

So to get to the actual point of this post โ€ฆ Recently I went to a secondhand shop with my dad, just to browse a bit. There was a lot of junk, as there always is, but some pieces really caught my eye. For example a beautiful louis XIV chair, I adored it, but sadly I don’t have enough room to use it.

Then today we went again, and the piece I really loved was still there, and my mom was so sweet to give it to me as an early birthday present. They are a set of pheasants (male & female) and they cost us 8euro/7pound/10 dollar.
Did some research on them and they seem to be a set of silver plated pheasants ( obviously ^^) from Roberto Rossi from the 1940’s. They might be fake I’m not an expert in that field. But I’m really happy with them and they really are gorgeous.

If anybody knows anything more about them, be sure to let me know !


inspirational & creative drought !

Just to build a context here. When i graduated from high school ( a long time ago !) I was a very creative person, I loved to draw and paint and just randomly make things. I had studied computer science which is a pretty boring subject, but nonetheless I wanted to follow this through in college so I did. And surprise โ€ฆ I failed at almost everything. I was absolutely gutted about it and I had to do some soul searching to find a new field where I wanted to graduate in. Eventually interior design seemed like a good option considering in creative and good at making stuff.ย 

I wouldn’t say I would love it to death but I like what I’m doing now. Thinking of conceptual ideas for interiors really is fun, but hard at times, but so is everything in life ๐Ÿ™‚
But when I reflect now on how I was before I started interior design I must admit i’m in a serious creative downspiral.
It might just be that this education requires all the creativity that I have and leaves nothing for anything elseโ€ฆ
I wasn’t a great artist and most of the stuff I did didn’t even look good, but life inspired me and the desire to be busy with my surroundings was always there. I’m hoping that when I graduate all that will come back.

But to end on a cheerful note ๐Ÿ™‚ here are some pictures of stuff i did ๐Ÿ™‚ and again these aren’t masterpieces, just a way of ย releasing some energy ๐Ÿ™‚ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage