Christmas Tree

So in my last post i mentioned the Christmas parties that usually involve annoying family.
Well today we handled a different and more fun bit about Christmas.

In Belgium we have this holiday called ‘Sinterklaas’ on the 6th of december, and tradition is that in the weekend after this holiday we go buy our christmas tree and decorate it. So Today is the 7th and a saturday which means we went to buy our tree. I must say every year me and my mom have some debate over the tree ( bigger ! no smaller ! ) and how to decorate it. This year was an exception, we both liked the same tree and we made the decorations in advance. We found some pins on Pinterest with some gorgeous vintage ornaments and we tried our best to make ours a bit like those.

The tree is not to heavily decorated and with just 2 type of ornaments, but we like how it’s simply, vintage and still christmasy.

foto 2foto 1