She’s finished !!

I finally finished my rainbow dash cross stitch today ! And I’m so proud 😀


DIY Galaxy shoes

Earlier this week I was out shopping and i came across the new Vans. At least I think they are part of the new collection, I don’t know tbh. Anyway it were cosmos galaxy print Vans. They were absolutely gorgeous, but since I spent a lot of money already I couldn’t afford to buy them.

So I went on Ebay with the hopes of finding a knockoff or something, just a galaxy print shoe ! I sadly didn’t find any 😦 But I did find alot of “tutorials” and videos of people making their own pair. Since i’m quite creative myself I decided to give it a go.

IMG_1237This is basically what you need to make them.
– A pair of dark sneakers/vans/toms/…
– masking tape
– Acrylic paint : dark blue, light blue, purple, pink & white
– Sponge brushes, i just used household sponges cut into pieces.
– A toothbrush & a fine hair paintbrush
– some paper plates
– something to cover your work surface.

You start with taking out the laces of the shoes, so they don’t get paint all over them. Next thing you have to do is use the masking tape to cover up your soles, again so they stay clean and white ( failed in my case… )
Make sure the shoes are clean and then you’re ready to start.
Put all the colors in the paper plates. If you don’t have purple like me you can mix pink ( magenta) with the brightest blue you have, that should give you a nice deep purple.
And now for the hard bit…. No really it isn’t that hard 🙂 you’ll notice when you’re doing it. Paint dark blue blotches all over the shoes, big small doesn’t really matter. Just leave space in between them for the purple. So now that you got the dark blue on it we can apply some of the lighter blue on top of it, try and do only the center or the side in the darker blue. This will give you some gradient effect. After that I used a little bit of white inside the light blue to make it a bright star/light effect.
The most important thing when you are painting these shoes is the blending. Make sure all the colors blend into each other, so you don’t have any defined lines.
Now you’re done with the blue and you can start applying the purple, Just fill in the open spaces with purple. If you’re not happy with the amount of purple you have you can just paint over the blue, doesn’t really matter 🙂
Where the purple and dark blue meet i used some hot pink, not to much but just to give it that extra touch, or space dimension 😉

That’s it for a background colors. Now Over the the stars …
This is where the toothbrush comes in. First off you dampen the toothbrush, or add a tiny bit of water to the white paint so it gets a bit more fluid. Dip the toothbrush in the paint , hold your brush next to the shoes and brush over it with your finger, so the paint gets “catapulted” on the shoes. Sorry for the weird word choice but I really have no idea how else to describe it. So this movement should give you little dots that represent stars. In my case I had some big blotches of paint, but don’t worry about that. If you have enough little stars we can go over to the big ones.
If you had bigger blotches of paint like me you can now use the fine paintbrush and make them into crosses, or just leave em be as big stars. I added some extra dots with the paintbrush as stars, just for that little bit extra.

And that’s it, your own handmade galaxy shoes are ready 🙂
A little reminder though, these shoes aren’t waterproof. Best is to use some shoespray thing to make them waterproof.
Since I had a lot of paint mixed, I had quite a bit left. So i decided to make myself a nice galaxy painting with the leftovers.

IMG_1240IMG_1238 IMG_1242

DIY of the day, my Mona Lisa

2 days ago I went with my aunt to go clear out her mother in law’s house, because she went into a nursing home and stuff. She basically said if I wanted anything that I could have it. Super exciting right !

I didn’t bring home a lot of stuff because I don’t want to seem to greedy 😉 I brought home an oval mirror, beautiful piece (might post a picture of this later), a brass rococo/louis XIV plant holder and two frames. It’s with the frames I did a little DIY project. Sadly I forgot to take a before picture :/
This is how it looked like before ( the color and type of frame of course)

And this is the result:
I basically just painted all the gold rimmed parts with acrylic paint in hot pink ( it might need some touching up with black 😉 ), to make the whole thing a bit more modern. Seems pretty nice to me ^^ And now Lisa ( me xD) has a Mona Lisa ❤