christmas parties with nosy family

It’s almost that time of the year again … Christmas !
And i absolutely love christmas, i really do. The lights, the smell of the christmas trees, the songs that go along with it and of course the presents. Who wouldn’t love those 🙂
But besides all those wonderful things there is one thing i would rather skip … Every year the same question at all the family dinners ‘How is your love life doing ? seeing anyone yet ?’ and every year i have to give them the same answer ‘no i’m not seeing anyone at the moment’ or anything in the likes of that. And as a custom they make the same inappropriate jokes they make every year.

This year for a moment it looked like i could have answered their question differently.
Because for a moment i thought i found someone. To make a long story short …
I saw someone i thought was interesting, so i fussed about it for weeks and i finally managed to ask him out. Then we went on a date and he was really interesting and we had a lot of common interests and whatnot. At the end of the date i kissed him, we kissed.
We planned another date, all went smoothly until that one horrid moment when he got my name wrong. The man is completely infatuated with me, to the extreme as where he can’t take his eyes off me ( which kinda bothered me near the end), and then he gets my name wrong … Yes that kinda stuff happens, yes he might have been tired, but still.
Maybe i’m just the one making excuses, but in the end there was no spark at all, not from my side anyways. And please don’t think i’m judging the man just because he got my name wrong ( and i really haven’t given enough background info but this post would get to damn long if i did), because i really do like him a lot, but maybe just not enough.

So no dear family i am not currently dating anyone, so no i don’t know if they have a rich father. And i certainly don’t care what you think about me being single, or what my future husband should be like.

Maybe it’s a bit early but happy holidays everybody 🙂
let’s all enjoy the festivities and good food ^^


My unbloggable subject

How do you make a long distance relationship work, when you have never seen the person in real life , and you know in your heart that you are perfect for each other but your head tells you otherwise ?

inspirational & creative drought !

Just to build a context here. When i graduated from high school ( a long time ago !) I was a very creative person, I loved to draw and paint and just randomly make things. I had studied computer science which is a pretty boring subject, but nonetheless I wanted to follow this through in college so I did. And surprise … I failed at almost everything. I was absolutely gutted about it and I had to do some soul searching to find a new field where I wanted to graduate in. Eventually interior design seemed like a good option considering in creative and good at making stuff. 

I wouldn’t say I would love it to death but I like what I’m doing now. Thinking of conceptual ideas for interiors really is fun, but hard at times, but so is everything in life 🙂
But when I reflect now on how I was before I started interior design I must admit i’m in a serious creative downspiral.
It might just be that this education requires all the creativity that I have and leaves nothing for anything else…
I wasn’t a great artist and most of the stuff I did didn’t even look good, but life inspired me and the desire to be busy with my surroundings was always there. I’m hoping that when I graduate all that will come back.

But to end on a cheerful note 🙂 here are some pictures of stuff i did 🙂 and again these aren’t masterpieces, just a way of  releasing some energy 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage