DIY of the day, my Mona Lisa

2 days ago I went with my aunt to go clear out her mother in law’s house, because she went into a nursing home and stuff. She basically said if I wanted anything that I could have it. Super exciting right !

I didn’t bring home a lot of stuff because I don’t want to seem to greedy 😉 I brought home an oval mirror, beautiful piece (might post a picture of this later), a brass rococo/louis XIV plant holder and two frames. It’s with the frames I did a little DIY project. Sadly I forgot to take a before picture :/
This is how it looked like before ( the color and type of frame of course)

And this is the result:
I basically just painted all the gold rimmed parts with acrylic paint in hot pink ( it might need some touching up with black 😉 ), to make the whole thing a bit more modern. Seems pretty nice to me ^^ And now Lisa ( me xD) has a Mona Lisa ❤


inspirational & creative drought !

Just to build a context here. When i graduated from high school ( a long time ago !) I was a very creative person, I loved to draw and paint and just randomly make things. I had studied computer science which is a pretty boring subject, but nonetheless I wanted to follow this through in college so I did. And surprise … I failed at almost everything. I was absolutely gutted about it and I had to do some soul searching to find a new field where I wanted to graduate in. Eventually interior design seemed like a good option considering in creative and good at making stuff. 

I wouldn’t say I would love it to death but I like what I’m doing now. Thinking of conceptual ideas for interiors really is fun, but hard at times, but so is everything in life 🙂
But when I reflect now on how I was before I started interior design I must admit i’m in a serious creative downspiral.
It might just be that this education requires all the creativity that I have and leaves nothing for anything else…
I wasn’t a great artist and most of the stuff I did didn’t even look good, but life inspired me and the desire to be busy with my surroundings was always there. I’m hoping that when I graduate all that will come back.

But to end on a cheerful note 🙂 here are some pictures of stuff i did 🙂 and again these aren’t masterpieces, just a way of  releasing some energy 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage